Are you know in the service area? Last week the Portland Bureau of Transportation made the latest expansion of Biketown official: The system is now 25% larger and boasts a service area that reaches a few blocks north of the St. Johns Bridge and east to 135th Avenue. PBOT held a press conference at Knott Park in the Parkrose neighborhood to announce
This photo from the 2010 Tweed Ride was very popular back in the day.(Photo: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland). Hello everyone! Here are some of the events scheduled for this weekend. For more information about these and more events related to biking and local transportation topics (we’ve recently beefed up our listings of advocacy and project meetings),
ODOT’s four funding scenarios. The race to influence over $400 million in new transportation funding coming into Oregon has begun in earnest. “I’m concerned that all four scenarios support the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure.”— Khanh Pham, Oregon State Rep At the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) meeting today, Oregon Department of Tra
I-5 northbound through the Rose Quarter.(Photos: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland) Much to the delight of a large coalition of Oregon Department of Transportation critics, the federal government has given them another assignment before graduation. “I hereby rescind my approval… I request additional analysis.”— Phillip Ditzler, FHWA On Tuesday, the Oregon
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A slew of safer crossings on 82nd Avenue are expected to be constructed next year.(Photo: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland) After years of advocacy, the City of Portland finally wrested control of 82nd Avenue from the State of Oregon and has secured $185 million to spend on it. “Moving through the entire process and being completely finished in five year
(Source: Washington County) Washington County is seeking public input on its plan to realign Thompson Road in the Northwest Bethany/Bonny Slope West area. This plan will connect Thompson Road to Kenny Terrace west of Saltzman Road in order to smooth out sharp curves and increase vehicle and bicycle capacity. The project is expected to cost $6.5 mil
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Outlines of an old traffic diverter are still visible at North Failing and Haight. (This article was written by Eliot neighborhood resident and transportation advocate Allan Rudwick.) During the pandemic I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the history of the Boise-Eliot neighborhood and I’ve come across a number of plans from the 1960s and 1970s
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Our Merlin Malt gravel bikes have been a strong seller over the last few years. We specced our first gravel bikes back in 2017 and the latest Malts are the result of tweaks and updates over the past few years. The bikes from 2020 onwards featured updated geometry and more inclusive sizing. Comfort While comfort […] The post Why buy a Merlin Malt Al
Proposed Purple Line would be an alternative to I-5 through Rose Quarter and central eastside.(Graphics: Association of Oregon Rail and Transit Advocates) How do you solve a problem like congestion? “If people had a better way of using public transit, they wouldn’t be in their car in that corridor.”— Jim Howell, rail advocate and freeway fighter As
by Igor If you're looking for a sturdy and capable off-road tourer, then look no further than the Piolet! It features mounts for every rack you'd ever want as well as a geometry and fit that is suited for both flat bars and drop bars. We've done a bunch of builds, so check out our favorites in Bike Build Ideas, under Piolet. Here's one of my favori
Welcome to the week. Here are the most notable items our editors and readers came across in the past seven days… Cameras and racial justice: This deep dive from ProPublica on who gets tickets from automated cameras reminds us that it’s not nearly enough to install traffic cameras on high crash and high speed streets and call it good. Built to fail: (Clearing leaves on SW Broadway and Oak.) Many Portlanders chose to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today by working to make the community better. For some folks, that meant grabbing a broom and rolling out to a bike lane. Frustratingly, many of Portland’s major bikeways remain litt
.rssTitle, .rssSubTitle, .rssContent, .rssBottomLinks {display: none;} img {max-width:100% !important; height: auto !important} Nerd Alert podcast: Gravel tech Q&A with Geoff Kabush It turns out Canadian pro Geoff Kabush is pretty good at racing bikes — first in XC MTB and cyclocross, then more recently, gravel and enduro — and throughout it all, h